Wilson Gray
Martin Luther King Tournament
8Th Grade Elite

The Wilson Gray 8th grade Boys elite team finished in first place in the 8th annual Martin Luther King, jr. weekend Tournament hosted at the Wilson Gray YMCA facility in Hartford CT. The team consists of Connecticut Stinger players as well as players from Hartford and Bloomfield, ct.  The team executed and won the first round, overcame a challenging first half to win the second round, and finished up as bracket champions.   Outstanding skill and hustle was shown by players Jim McGrady, Jack Bosworth and Dilon Crowley, along with stellar 3 point shooting from Trey Sabia, plus all- star defensive playing and rebounding from Henry White, Ian Calabrese, Kareem Barnwell, Namar Gaskin and Jerell Petaway.  

Zip Bard Spokesperson Coach Lenny Sabia Partnered with The Zip board, www.thezipboard.com in a fundraising effort to benefit the Wilson-Gray YMCA. 

“I never leave home without the zip board”
- Zipboard Spokesman Lenny Sabia 


Front, Jerell Petaway, Daejai Safford, Ian Calabrese, Jack Bosworth & Jim McGrady
Second, Head Coach Lenny Sabia, Trey Sabia, Namar Gaskin, Dillon Crowley, Henry White
Kareem Barnwell, Assistant Head Coach Henry White & Assistant Coach Jamie Bosworth

CC's Flag Footballl Game

Front, Kam Dear, Nolan Conderion & Ian Calabrese.​

Second, Trey Sabia, Moni Jusufi, Elliyas Delaire, Henry White & Cayden Thomas.

​Rear, Coach Conderino & Coach White.

Head Coach Lenny Sabia Jr.

Coach Sabia has been "on the court" since 1973.  As a player, he was was selected to the All Conference, the All City, the All Suburban, as well as the All New England Basketball teams. In 1977, he obtained his IAABO High School Officiating License.  He has refereed countless games in  all age brackets, including  high school and post-graduate levels.  Coach Sabia commenced his basketball coaching career in 1977 as well.  Over his many years of active coaching, he has mentored grades 4 - post graduate levels.  Coach Sabia was one of 500 Youth Basketball Coaches in the country to be selected as nominees for the Youth Hall of Fame Coaching Award. In 2006, he founded the CT Stingers Premier Youth Basketball Program and has amassed an overall AAU record of 252 wins and 38 losses.  Coach Sabia has volunteered his time and talents to many organizations including Wilson-Grey YMCA in Hartford CT, Farmington Valley YMCA, and the Bloomfield Boys and Girls Club, among others.  His mission is to hone fine athletes through high expectations on and off the court.

Front, Ameer U., Ian C., Henry W., Trey S.
Second, Coach White, David L., Dylan C., Keegan K., Jessie S, Jeff C., Coach Sabia & Coach Crowley

The Connecticut Stingers finished in first place in the Rhode Island Breakers Tournament hosted at the Community College of Rhode Island & East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island-an AAU Sanctioned Event.  The Stingers defeated Narragansett U 14 53-47 in the first round, then defeated the CT Defenders 65-35 in the second round and advanced to the U 14 Rhode Island championship game defeating SCBC U 14 65-63 with Stinger All Star Moni Jusufi executing a jump shot with six seconds on the clock for the championship victory.

This victory completes back to back championship week ends in the Rhode Island Breakers U 14 A Division Tournaments. 

Congratulations to the first female Stingers Player Lauren Sabia!!

8th Grade


The Connecticut Stingers finished in first place in the Rhode Island Breakers Tournament hosted at the Community College of Rhode Island in RI– an AAU Sanctioned Event.  The Stingers finished undefeated, defeating the North Shore Blizzards, Rhode Island breakers & the South Shore Blizzards.  The Stingers would like to the generous sponsors, The Chimney Guy of Simsbury CT, Ziggy’s Groundskeepers of Simsbury CT, Simsmore Square in Simsbury CT and Dennis and Patty Klonoski from Torrington CT...

Connecticut Stingers

"Basketball the Right Way"

Moni Jusufi winning basket!!!

Game Time Photos & Lunch Autograph Session

Front, Nick Balducci, Jack Bosworth & Ian Calabrese​
 Rear, Trey Sabia, Nolan Conderion, Moni Jusufi, Kam Dear, Henry White & Paul CameronType your paragraph here.

Stingers Zip Board Commercials

Established in 2006 the Connecticut Stingers is a premier youth travel basketball program.  Generally teams are formed with players beginning at the 5th & 6th grade level and move through the years until the athletes reach 19 years of age.  During this final year in the program the team plays in the premier U-19 bracket. Upon completion of the 2017 Fall Session the Stingers have compiled an overall record of 252 wins and 38 losses since the program commenced,  including 22 State AAU Championship titles. 

The CT Stingers program has a two-fold agenda.  First, emphasis is placed on teaching the game of basketball with not only intensity, but also integrity.  Skills and habits are formed early and correctly.  Secondly, equal focus is placed on high expectations off the court as well.

"In Honor of Mark Calabrese"

Rhode Island Breakers Tournament

U-14 A Division


" I never leave home without my zipboard"

- Zipboard Spokesman Lenny Sabia

The First Stingers 16-1 Champions

Family Portrait




George Tedino Memorial Tournament 2016
AAU 7th/8th Grade –Division A
_______Undefeated Champions________

The Connecticut Stingers finished in first place in George Tedino Memorial Tournament at Rhode Island College in Providence RI – an AAU sanctioned event which was organized by David Vitale and his staff.  The Stingers went undefeated.    


Rhode Island Breakers Tournament

U-14 Division


The Connecticut Stingers finished in first place in the Rhode Island Breakers Tournament hosted at the Community College of Rhode Island-an AAU Sanctioned event.